website devoted to the family Carabidae

Welcome to my website devoted to the family Carabidae, tribe Bembidiini

   My interest in entomology dates back to 1992. From the beginning, my attention has been attracted especially by beetles (Coleoptera). For a short period, I turned also to odonates (the Odonata order). As I gradually gained more experience and better overview of etymology, I started being attracted especially by the genus Bembidion. Since 2009, this genus has been my highest priority. Still, I collect also other groups from this family and I would not refuse material from them. At present, I am able to identify material from Europe and the Palaearctic. My collection of the Bembidiini tribe has no regional limits. My aim is to create a quality collection as a basis for further identification of captured specimens. You may find the list of my holdings under the section Bembidiini. The rest of the family may be found in the Carabidae section. As to the other families that are worth mentioning I include at least a simple list which is located in the section Other (at the moment in Carabidae).




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